At Centennial Acres, we take pride in providing the finest care for your equine partner. Our care and feeding programs are developed from years of experience. Our feeding program consists of twice daily grain and high quality hay feedings tailored to each horse’s dietary needs. We regularly test our hay for nutrient quality, and then supplement accordingly with vitamins or minerals as needed. We also have a variety of feed concentrates that we use according to your horse’s basic feed and work requirements. Working closely with our veterinarian, we worm all horses as needed. Fecal testing is done on a regular basis so we are sure that our deworming program is affective. Managing the well being of your horses is of utmost concern for us.



The facilities at Centennial Acres Equestrian Center are superior when it comes to safety, comfort, and usability forboth horse and rider. We currently have two barns, 

three arenas, and numerous turnouts on the property.  Both barns are hoop style, fabric covered buildings. Our large barn boasts matted stalls, a 70′ x 200′ indoor arena, heated viewing area, large tack room, and wash racks. The design of the building allows natural light to come inside, creating a comfortable, enjoyable working experience. The superior ventilation provides excellent health benefits year round for your equine partner, as well as lending to your own comfort!


Board is $400 – $500 per month, depending on the needs of your horse.




We also offer two outdoor riding arenas, and a trail around the perimeter of the property. At Centennial Acres Equestrian Center horses enjoy being outside for 12-15 hours each day either in a group pasture, or in private turnout.